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Airsoft HQ seeks to be the source of information, combat training and military simulations as well as bring you the best in affordable & high quality Airsoft guns & Airsoft supplies for your war games.

In man's constant advancement with technology the most recent examples of modern war games are evidenced by PC and consol games which are getting more realistic every moment and the paintball fad that swept the world. This has brought us to the cutting edge of modern war games

Now war games have evolved to the closest we can get to the real thing!

Airsoft teambuilding is designed with regard to drills and systems. Airsoft is the ultimate in realism. Accurately reproduced weapons, more strategy and tactics, teamwork and creativity. It is an honour based sport where almost anything goes - just as in real war.

War has been with us from the very earliest of times and consequently war games and training for war has been an integral part of man's existence.

In ancient times when two men would swing swords and axes at each other in order to ready themselves for the battles that would inevitably be ahead it became a social event, a challenge, a competitiion. In Modern times nothing has changed and it is inevitable that even young children can be found running around playing war in the age old struggle of good over evil. Even though boys grow up they still want to play but just seek more realism and the use of technology.

So welcome to our world.


Airsoft supplies

Military simulations identical to the real thing!

These realistic military situations at times involve stealth rather than confrontation of enemy forces. The different options of guns & Airsoft supplies are absolute replicas of real-life army weapons...

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